Robert Praxmarer


Robert praxmarer

„Besser scheitern, als erfolgreich schlecht sein....

Robert Praxmarer is an artist, developer and researcher with 25 years of professional experience. He was heading the department for Computer Games & Augmented Reality at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg for 6 years. Furthermore, he led the Center for Advances in Digital Entertainment Technologies (CADET) and PELS (Pervasive Entertainment Lab Salzburg). In his professional career he worked together with international teams and consulted and produced works for companies such as SAP, Bayer, Siemens, Lufthansa and UEFA. He received international awards and scholarships and was an artist in residence of the program "Les pepinieres pour les jeunes artistes" of the European Union and the "Cité des Arts"-Program in Paris and presented his works in over 35 countries. His research and works are in interactive dramaturgy, computer games and the creation of immersive experience spaces in Mixed Reality and Cross Media. He won numerous art, architecture, computer game, economic and environmental awards. Currently he leads the startup Polycular making Extended Reality solutions for playful learning, the industry and social change.