Mnia Fleischmann


Monika Fleischmann

"I want to visualise the impact of technology on society, to understand that increasingly we inhabit two worlds: the one we live in with our bodies and the one inside computer networks."

Monika Fleischmann is a pioneering german research artist, digital media scientist and a curator of new media art. Her  work - realized in partnership with architect  Wolfgang Strauss  - is ranging from fashion to architecture, with poetic + social designs that intuitively interact with people, environment + landscape. Their work on the concept of interactivity with interactive installations and knowledge discovery tools  is part of ZKM Center for Art & Media collection, Karlsruhe. In 1987 she was a founding member and Deputy Head of ART+COM in Berlin, the first research and development center for computer-aided design. Since 1993 she built up the internationally recognized MARS - Exploratory Media Lab  at GMD-Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik , from 2001 at Fraunhofer Society were she worked until 2014. In 2008 she was appointed Honorary Professor of Media Theory and Interactive Media Art at University of Applied Sciences, Bremen.  International lectures  and  teaching ; seminars and workshops at University Siegen (DE),  Donau-University Krems  (AT),  Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel,  Zürcher Hochschule der Künste  and others.  Further education:  MOOC  in Design Thinking and Artistic Research at  Stanford University , Promotion in Vienna/Zurich. Monika is Member of the of the MIMA ART Board at  MIMA University  | Munich Institute of Media and Musical Arts. 

Born in Karlsruhe, grown up in Donaueschingen , lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, today in Berlin and Gargnano. Studied art education, theatre studies, philosophy, computer graphics, fashion design in Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Stanford. Her multidisciplinary background made her an expert in the world of digital media, new media art and media studies. Digital Culture and Knowledge Media were main research topics  at   Fraunhofer   Research Society  over decades.