General Information Akademie Hallein

Modules: September 7. - 11. 2015 
Registration till August 20th. 

Akademie Hallein Structure?
Find an overview here.
More detailed information is supplied directly in 
the module descriptions

as defined in the module descriptions

How Much?
Modul price: 500 €

The Application Form?
1- This form informs that your application has been recorded once you press submit. 

2- This form does neither confirm nor send your recorded application, via email. 

3- EDIT your registration after submit? You can. You need to save the link (supplied once you press submit). We cannot reproduce this link.

4- In case you lose the link: copy paste mutate.  Please point out which one is the application we shall consider. default: we use the fresher. 

5- We recommend: record your application on a separate document in case you want to reuse your questions.

Please use this fb event  for questions or conversation. 

In case you are not on fb: office {at} akademiehallein {dot} at