Anwar Athar


Anwar Akhtar

„The Future will be better if the powerful, allow it to include all people and communities.

Anwar is the UK Founder/ Director of The Samosa Media project, and led The Royal Society of Arts & Commerce Pakistan Calling project, which produced over 60 films looking at identity, education, equality, culture, religion, development, conflict resolution, women, and minority rights in the UK and Pakistan.  

His latest film is Pakistan's Best Kept Secret - Lahore Museum - A  film trailer is here Pakistan's Best Kept Secret Lahore Museum Trailer Lahore Museum tells stories of ancient cultures: Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim histories, and those of empire, trade, the arrival of the East India company, the contribution of British Indian soldiers in World Wars I and II, the partition of India, and the creation of Pakistan. It also gives some insight into life in Pakistan today.

Anwar was the production consultant on the play Dara, working with Ajoka Theatre Pakistan and National Theatre UK. Dara tells the story of Mughal India 1659, raises questions about religious freedom, tolerance and clerical power that still resonate today.  Dara was seen by over 30,000 people at National Theatre in 2015.

Anwar was previously Project Director, The Rich Mix Cultural Foundation , where he led the capital and business development of a new £26 million Arts Centre in East London.

The Samosa Media project is an arts and journalism charity, that works to embed diversity in the arts and humanities curriculum in Schools, Colleges, Universities and produces media work that explores cultural and social issues.

Impulse sentence.. Anwar’s work focuses on history, the arts and conflict resolution, increasingly his work in UK is part of a challenge to right wing narratives, based on the historic links between Britain and South Asia across empire, trade, people and cultures.